My Family Let me Sleep.

I have a schedule but it was followed last night. Instead of going to bed at eleven o’clock at the latest, I was in bed by 12:30 PM and that is way off schedule. I wrote on Word Press at this blog site to catch up from being away this weekend. If I write, I do it with my whole heart. I have, and now I am typing again.

Last night Ed was on the computer for some time. I slipped into the living room and found my Bible, and some card stock I had that is rather faded. I began turning the pages of my Bible and writing down Bible verses that stood out on the pages. They were wonderful, and I wrote each one on the cards I had. I wrote them large enough that I can read them if I don’t have on my glasses. They are written large enough for older people who are not able to see well.

Some verses came to mind without a reference. I plan to put the reference on the card. Ed knows many verses. We all know that verses help in our praying to add fuel to the fire. So the first one is about hiding God’s word so that I won’t sin against Him. I hide it in my heart, and this mean in the place where my love for God is. It is not the physical heart. We have a heart, and soul. I sang to the Lord today after I got up. I was just finishing when Ed came in the room to hug me. I believe we must sing to the Lord, for He is worthy, and He sits on the Throne praying for us. Our praises reach Heavens thrones, and its gates.

The Word of God will not return empty. It is sown as seed, and seeds sprout, and produce fruit in us. I am on a 21 day adventure. I haven’t been anywhere but home, but I am on this adventure by faith. This is my first day, and tomorrow there will be 20 days left on it. I wanted someone to go on the journey with me, but they didn’t hear what I said. This adventure is to draw close to God, and to sing , pray, and live in His Presence as I maintain this house, and work in the kitchen at the church. His grace moves me to praise Him.


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