What Makes Me Press Follow, and Other, Thoughts.

I guess I should be terribly, honest with you, my audience. I read the Reader about every time I write, because I want to know what everyone is writing. I want to meet new, faces, and this is one, way. I don’t have all day to be glued to the computer. My family is first in the evening when we are together, and at times like today, I am with them before evening.

We make popcorn less, because we are on a, diet. I am. They follow. I believe I am trying for the tenth, time to lose what I gained. I eat less ice cream, and cake, pies, cookies, and candies. I have gone through the sweets, and now I am pushing them back, and walking in semi-control. Today I did have a cookie, because we hadn’t had breakfast. I was starving. I also drank a Coke with the pizza we had for lunch.

I press follow when I have read the post, and it is real, honest, and good to read. I am overwhelmed, and awed at times when people write what they write. There is so, much good coming forth on the computer. When I see what I personally like, I press follow.

At times it is a new, author. Other times it is someone who has been around, and they may have 50,000 followers. I see that others have more, pictures. Some have huge amounts of writing, and I slowly read through it. The internet has opened up a whole, new, world for me.

I realize that there are times when we get discouraged. I am prone to encourage. Maybe we are in a time zone where writing is coming forth like this for a reason. I know a computer puts out your thoughts far faster than a book. I keep up with the rest of my family who live 3-7 hours away. Some live even farther. The internet allows me to talk from my heart as long as I want without interruption. I try to keep it short. Some days I stop trying, and write more.

These are some reasons why I write. I am not an extrovert. I haven’t written so much in my life, but it doesn’t scare me. I believe the invention of the computer has allowed us to have a global, writing, experience.



7 thoughts on “What Makes Me Press Follow, and Other, Thoughts.

  1. The WP reader, I was just there, and it’s where I came across your post.. it’s like what’s there today.. what will I find.. or who will I find? I find I hit the follow button more often than not.. but have you ever had it that you cannot find a follow button on a site?! I’m like, don’t they want people to come back? 🙂

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    1. I try to read Reader, and if the piece is good writing, I press follow. I don’t always press follow. Some I don’t read. I don’t know why. I guess I don’t connect. Other times I don’t have that much time. I notice there are some who write more, and their writing is wonderful. It takes time to write. At times my blog drifts because I am not writing, but usually I come back to it, and write. I try to write daily. Some say to keep it short. I try. Other times I break this. Maybe some like more.

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    1. I have just now at 8:40 P.M. my time seen this. Thank you for your encouragement. Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in His presence forever. I thank you from my heart for your words. This has been a long day. I sat down to write, since my day isn’t over. God love it. There were your words of encouragement. Thanks! Thank you! Ruby from Rubies Corner’s Blog.

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