I Went to Help At the Yard Sale.

I helped at the yard sale today. It was one of four. This means we will have three more. My family was there to help out. We met new faces, took money, and smiled. My neck ached, and I took baby aspirin. I exercised my neck in the direction it was aching. This helped some. I believe I will survive without going to the doctor, because I am better.

What did I do at the sale? I bagged the purchases. I smiled, and talked little. We had lunch, and I usually don’t eat bread. We had pizza. I ate one piece slowly. I ate bread and all. I had a Coke with it.

The sale was over, and Isaac and I got in the car to go home. We got out of the car, and went home in Ed’s car. It is a lesson in discipline, but I thanked the Lord for the whole day, including the car trouble. I don’t know why the car chose not to run. It didn’t even click. We will discover what to do with it. For now we will all come to church in the same vehicle. When you are tried, and fried, there is a reason. I know what to do. I started praising the Lord anyway. I bound opposition in Jesus name. I bound oppression in Jesus name.

I believe the foot steps of a righteous person are ordered by the Lord. I believe the righteous are guided when they listen. I am praying, and thankful that Ed has a good car to drive us home. I am glad we didn’t start out down the road, and the car stall while on the way home together. I believe the Lord protected us, and probably kept us out of harm’s way by not allowing the car to start. It surprised me that it didn’t start.

I believe everything is spiritual about life. I walk with the King of Kings. I submit to God in Jesus name. I am surrounded by the protection of God’s angels, and in His name I walk, breathe, and live. My life belongs to Jesus Christ. Some days it is a discipline to get out of bed, but I am glad that Jesus is bigger than I am, and that He let me find Him. I was born stubborn, but God let me find Him. I believe that is a matter of His grace. I love all my family, and I thought of them today while I was in the yard sale. Some were in Family Reunion. I wasn’t there, but I thought of you.


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