Getting Rid Bitterness.

It is a strong root. Bitterness should be eradicated in us. How? The first way is to repent of being bitter about anything that has happened to you that you went through. Personality conflicts may bring bitterness, because someone chose to come against your personality. Have you thought ever that maybe God was there in the personality conflicts? They come for a reason.

I read my Bible daily as much as I can. Today I rose early to find Him. I did find Him. Even so there are those who can read all day, and still have things that will come against them. You take your stand on the Word, and let idolatry, and hardness of heart fall. Take your stand, and let bitterness be rooted out of you  by the roots. We all have something to give to God, and say, “I am sorry for walking in the flesh with this. Forgive me for bitterness over people, places, and things Father. I am yours from head to toe. I surrender all. Forgive me for my sinful bitterness.”

Then rebuke bitterness, and tell bitterness to leave you in Jesus name. Bind it up, and send it away in Jesus name. Forgive, and forgive, and forgive. Jesus did not have bitterness on the cross. He forgave them. Why should we hold bitterness? We are not better than He is. The root of bitterness causes anger, and meanness. It roadblocks progress in the Holy Spirit. You must stand against it to get all of the bitterness out, and even then it may try to trip you again.

People are never perfect, and neither am I. My sin is put under the blood of Jesus when I confess, and forsake the bitterness. Hurts, and bitterness go together. Forgive, forgive, forgive. Roots go deep, but you will know when you have truly found peace. God’s peace is not like the world’s peace. His peace comes when we confess our sins to Him, and forsake them. Forgive and let go.


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