Philippians 4: 10-13.

I am working on being content, no matter what the circumstances. I haven’t been content in all situations. I haven’t had to go hungry in a long time. I am used to eating. But Paul says he is content with plenty, or with nothing. He knew that God would supply his needs. I love verse 13.

I can do all things with Christ’s strength, and power. My son watches, and he sees when I am not content, or angry. He sees my weakness, and my strength. I am in Philippians because I haven’t read today. I turned to it.

Chapter 4:4 says to rejoice in the Lord. It is a strong, command. I render my joy to the Lord. He knows when to encourage me. Today I sang to Him again. It wasn’t easy, but I sang anyway. You never want anyone, or anything to take your joy. Rejoice when you go through harder,times. God is allowing some sifting so you will shine brightly.


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