I hear the thunder, and I haven’t seen the lightning. It is there somewhere near. I will get off the computer for now, and come back after the storm. There are many kinds of storms in nature. Snow storms can happen, when it  is thundering, and snowing at the same time. I have been in such a storm.

Then there are storms of life which if not addressed will last a while. I have been in plenty of those kinds of storms. At times you just have to walk out of the room, and go home, because the storm is there, and you need to go home to get your peace. That is pitiful when it happens.

I don’t know all the reasons for storms in life, but they happen in a marriage at times. A good marriage will stand when the storms come, and the couple will stay there in the marriage when they realize they are human, and their responses have been as human as they made them.

I believe storms in marriages pass when both of you become honest, and say, “I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to work this out with you. Divorce is not an option.”

Come to the place where you are talking, and making up. Now if one of you is a creep, then repent for being one. I believe humility is lacking in some marriages. When you give yourself to God, and submit the marriage to Him, then things should be different. I know, some men, and some women are hard to live with, but you knew that when you met, and married them.

I believe marriage is work. A good, marriage is more work. When a man really doesn’t want to walk away, that is a good thing. If he has found someone else, then it is up to both as to what to do about that. Some partners can’t stand betrayal.

I believe God is there in a marriage when one, partner submits to Jesus Christ. It is better to have two that know Christ. Even then marriage is work.  You must read your Bible like he does. You must submit to Jesus like he does. If he doesn’t know Christ, and you do, then the kindness on your tongue will have great effects on him. Be real, and pray. Then be what chapter 13 of 1 Corinthians says. God loves you. When you include Him daily, He helps, and give wisdom.



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