Kindness on Your Tongue.

Kindness is being kind, and tender-hearted. When it isn’t there, I miss it. I was telling Ed how thankful I am that the Lord found me, and changed me. We need to maintain our relationship with each other through acts of kindness, and kindness on our tongues. To do this you may have to have time with the Lord, and settle issues. Bitterness, and un-forgiveness will make you not have kindness on your tongue. It is not the priority of the public to always be kind. Gentleness, and kindness are the grace that God gives us to walk through life.

When I meet kind, and gentle people who are cheerful, it makes me happy to be around them. You don’t get this by sitting there. You get this by staying closer to God than anyone else. The fruit of the spirit of God is kindness, gentleness, self-control, and speaking the truth with these. At times I haven’t spoken the truth. I have been silent, because I didn’t want to make a person mad. I believe it was wisdom to drop my complaint. I believe we walk in the light when we read the Bible,and apply it to us personally.


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