Encouragement in the Lord.

Some times, I meet someone who will share what Christ is doing for them in their life. They are humble, and they speak to me, and I encourage them to continue talking about how He has changed them, and working on their behalf. It is a testimony of endurance, patience, and surrender as they talk. This is rare, but I desire to find others who will share what Christ has done for them, and is doing.

This is called being, or becoming encouraged in the Lord. When I read my Bible, I find words of encouragement that help me through the rest of the day. Thank you God for the Word you have written through men who were inspired by You. When I am discouraged, I find myself singing to the Lord, and the peace of God soon comes. Other times I sink into my study chair, and open my Bible. I start reading until I know He has given me some verses to write down.

The gifts and callings of God are not revocable in that they are not going to disappear. Reading, praying, repenting, and seeking His face prepares you to speak to others about Christ. They will see His light on your face when you smile at them. Encouragement comes from God, and at times the angels have encouraged people. I have not ever seen an angel that I know of.

I was in a storm, trying to get home, and my car stopped on a busy highway. It would not start. I sat there while other cars passed me. It wasn’t easy for a two lane road to be blocked like this. Then someone came to look under the hood. He left, and the hood was up. I prayed again. Eventually someone came, and fixed the car enough for me to drive it home. I believe God sends angels unaware.


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