Beautiful Feet.

It is takes time to have beautiful feet. I see more beautiful,feet lately. I haven’t taken up the habit of going to get my feet beautiful, but the process sounds wonderful. I don’t have the money, or time to go. I believe beautiful,feet are the outward appearance. Let’s look at them from the inside.

Blessed are the feet of those who preach the Gospel. I believe the armor on the feet as to Ephesians 6 is The Preparation of the Gospel of Peace. When we have this armor on that is described in Ephesians 6, we are prepared for Spiritual battles. The weapons of our warfare are not flesh, but powerful to pull down the strongholds.

Beautiful feet from God’s perspective have the shoes of the Preparation of the Gospel of peace. They will be spreading the Good News about Jesus Christ. Do you know that when you go places, you might be there for a reason? Say you are by yourself, and you go to a Reading conference for teachers. You are there to learn, and to share your perspective. The Bible says, that the footsteps of the righteous person are ordered by the LORD. You went thinking it was your idea, but really, God put you there for a reason. We must be sensitive to the Holy Spirit of God, in order to know why we are where we are.

I believe God sends people encouragement through the body of Christ. He puts you on someone’s mind to pray. They pray without you knowing. Some won’t ever say, “I prayed for you.” They are that humble.



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