Acts of Kindness.

Ed mowed the lawn for me front yard, and back. I said, “Thank you. It is like you give me a gift when you mow the lawn. I love a fresh cut lawn.”

A week and a half went by and rains came. The grass grew, and it was thick, green, and growing every day with the rains we had daily. Ed went out one day and mowed the front, and back yard. I was delighted.  I said so. He has mowed the lawn more this year than usual. It rains, he mows, and I thank him. Mowing the lawn makes things need, gives him time by himself, and it provides exercise. I believe it is wisdom to mow your own lawn if you can. I have a pacemaker, so I don’t mow the lawn any more. I don’t need to. I have two in the family who can, and will.



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