Fret not.

Fretting is worry, and God doesn’t want us to worry, or fret. I was thinking about the new topic and the word fret came to mind. I know about fretting. It is worrying and caring about people, places, and things until you don’t have the peace of God. So fretting is a mind controller. I start to sing, and the fretting and worry leaves. I pray, and it leaves, and then comes back. It is a heaviness, and a concern. God’s burdens are light. He won’t put on us anything more than we can carry.

So Fret not. Don’t give into it. Take your burdens to the Lord. Leave them there, and thank Him for taking them off you. There may not be much change at first, but when you have stopped fretting about the situation, God will step in to intervene. His peace on you, means you have access to the Throne room.

You walk confidently into the throne room, with BOLDNESS. You can be confidently bold with fretting in your mind. So tell God, “I am not going to fret any longer about this problem. I give it to You. I come boldly into your throne room, and tell you I am giving up the fretting ,, the worrying, and taking your peace. I love you Father, in Jesus name.”


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