My Other Hobby.

I love to cook, but my other hobby is writing. I didn’t do much writing as I grew up, but Mom would give us a diary every Christmas. I poured my heart out in the diary, and I believe it helped me have a chance to reflect, and cool down if I had been in an argument.

I still keep a journal going, and this time I went to a bookstore in town, and purchased a book with lined, blank pages. It cost about 15 dollars by the time I bought a nice pen to go with it. The book has 150 blank pages, with the lines. I believe this one will last me a year.

I write daily about people, places, and things. I have kept the earlier diaries, and one talks about Isaac, my son, being on the way. I write down verses that mean much in devotions, and I also talk about what is on my mind.

I believe it helps to write down how you feel, and tear it up when you finish praying about what happened to you. I rarely if ever do this anymore. There have been times when I found great relief in writing my feelings, and then tearing the paper to shreds. It won’t be read by anyone else, but the load came off me. The load of feelings, and burdens, left when I gave them to Christ.

I believe God keeps me happier when I find the verses He shows me for the day. I usually find five. Today, I opened the Bible to a wonderful verse. I didn’t have to hunt for it.


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