Why Have the Crowds Dwindled in our Churches?

I can tell why the crowds have dwindled in our churches. It was the thing to do in the fifties, but now people can watch church on television. They are mainly apathetic to going, and coming on a hot day. Most people are consumed by what they want to do. Some are sick, and stay home. I can understand, but if the church could pray for them, I am sure they could get well faster. I believe we are in an apathetic time, where people don’t gather to read, worship, and pray.

I believe America has turned to television, and movies. It is an entertained society. I believe the cost of discipleship is real. Either you know Him, or you don’t. I believe there are many who have not heard about Christ. Their parents, or grandparents didn’t share Christ, so the information is there but not the experience of knowing Him.

It is sad to go to a columned church and see a tiny crowd of people gathered. At one time the place was crowded. What happened? People moved away to the larger cities. They needed money, and the small towns became deserted. So did the churches. I believe we must change this by praying for revival to come to our nation. Apathetic thinking means you have lost what you had, or you never had it.

Some have never heard the gospel. It is the power of God to deliver us from our sins. I believe Jesus came to a generation who scorned, and mocked him. He came to die for us all. I believe Jesus is the answer to our problems.


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