I Have Taken Things Easy.

Today I have taken things easy. When I work at the church, I take a day, or two off in order to relax, and find my peace. Today I have watched a movie, written on the computer, and cleaned a little, area. There were dirt, bags left on the patio, and I picked them up. I don’t like to tell someone to pick up what they have messed up.

My philosophical statement is, “Clean up what you mess up.” I practiced this in school. Most of the time the children were eager to clean up after we had a good time in Science. I believe this world would be cleaner if people didn’t throw trash out the car at the stop sign where I live. I wish a policeman would catch them. No one is around when the person is putting the trash out. I don’t like to live in a trashy area. My son, and husband have picked up the trash at the end of our drive for years. No one complains when we pick it up. I see no one coming to pick up what the drivers throw out. They clean their car, and go.

I saw a man at the grocery store parking lot emptying all the clutter and trash out of his car. He left it on the parking lot. I guess someone will be by to pick up the trash, but why clean out your car, and leave the trash there. I watched as he did this.



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