How Do You Rest?

I believe in exercise, and eating right, but I also believe in resting. How do I rest? There are several ways to rest. I rest in the Lord, and stop worrying. I pray for the sick, and for those who come to mind. If I have a job in the church, it is to pray. I feel this is my task, but at times I have to spend other time praying. I get caught up with something else, and I don’t pray. You see when you pray, you pray.

People can be called to pray. I believe as the minister’s wife, I am called to pray. I pray over the food way before it is fixed on Wednesday nights. I cook the meal, and pray for those who are coming.  If people don’t come to mind to pray for them, then I start singing to the Lord. He loves to hear us sing. At times this is interrupted, but I pray on. It is not hard to pray for people. You can clean and pray, cook and pray, and sit and pray. I find that God is active. He has an imagination, and He loves for us to ask Him about everything. When I cook, I pray. It is hard to talk and cook for this reason. I try to get the meal done on time, because I don’t want to be responsible for making the Bible study go longer than it would.

Resting in the Lord is preparation time before cooking, and working on Wednesdays. I rest up in the Lord, because the battles are there, and I need to be prayed, and ready for what will happen that day. Many are the plans of the Lord. He tells me to pray. One day I prayed, and prayed, and prayed more. I couldn’t understand why I was praying and praying. I found out soon enough. It was good that I had prepared for what was going to happen.

You see, intercession is sometimes what the Holy Spirit is praying through you. The Holy Spirit brings to mind what you should pray. The Holy Spirit talks. When you need wisdom ask for it. When you need the peace of Christ, then open your Bible and pray what verses you have found for today.

Christians, don’t let the day go by without opening the Word.  It doesn’t have to be long, but going without Bible reading,and prayer is like not cleaning your house for a week.  The Word is light, and sitting down with Him is between you,and God. Confess your sins, and walk with Him as you go to work. He will help you all day for having been with Him early.


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