Family is Important.

Family is important. If your parents are gone, the rest of the family is there. My parents encouraged us to be a family, and we would visit my grandparents. We met the whole family this way. I have a family reunion coming up, but I can’t go. It is a distance, and I don’t need to go this time. I am staying close to home, and the church. We have things coming up, and I shouldn’t be away.

Family and a sense of family is important. My parents had fun times with us, and when we found time, we played games after supper. Usually is was Scrabble, Sorry, or Checkers. Monopoly came along, and we played this game. Some people keep the Monopoly game going for days.

Doing things together with your family gives a sense of belonging. When the harder days come, you know each other, and you can encourage each other. I believe watching a movie together is good family time. I don’t believe spending all day on the computer is wise.

Isaac writes, and he showed me Word I have written on Rubies Corner’s blog since. I believe we do what we want. When it come to being with my family, I leave the computer alone at night. I might slip back to see the stats, but then I go be with the family. I don’t get on the phone during family time. I try to keep our family time just that. We travel together at times.



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