Devoted to Clean.

Mom was devoted to a clean house, and we learned to clean the house with her direction. I am thankful for a Mom who made us work. We also helped in the kitchen, and with canning. We picked cherries off the cherry tree in order to can cherries. We pealed peaches, and she canned them. We snapped beans until we were tired, but we got the job done so we could finally ride our bikes. We shucked corn and we had it for supper that night.

Mom either canned, or froze all she brought to the house. We were poor, and she knew that we would have to put away food for the Winter. So we did. She canned, and we pealed, and shucked, and picked. We had a good tired on us because we didn’t play all day. We worked.

I believe Mom wanted the house clean, so she divided up the house for us to clean while she was at work. I had the kitchen one time, and the living room once. If I had the bathroom, I would sing, and make the tub too, clean. If we didn’t clean the room right, we were punished. I guess that was one area we made sure was clean.

You do what you want to, but at home, I make my bed every day before Ed can turn around. Mom made us make our beds, and to this day, it is the first thing I do. I believe in leaving the room presentable, because this is the way we were trained at home.

Some places are clean all day, and not a thing is out-of-place. I find that it is mostly impossible to keep the house totally wonderful, and clean. I mop the floors, Isaac vacuums, and we both work on the kitchen. Ed washes the cars, and mows the lawn. He does clean up when it is messy. We try to help each other.

When Ed, and Isaac are gone for a while, I find a way to clean the house. The pets get out-of-the-way, and I pick up, and clean the house. It is a habit from childhood. I don’t really relax if the room is in disorder, and chaos.

Maybe you weren’t raised this way. I have taught Isaac points about cooking, but he knows how to clean. He runs the vacuum for me most of the time because of the pacemaker. I believe singing in the house helps. I believe studying in different rooms spreads the Presence of the Lord. Ed studies in the first room, but at times he studies where I used to the den. I have adopted the living room for now.


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