Losing the Day.

At times I lose the day. I am trying to retrain myself so I won’t lose it. I am a professing Christian, and a believer in Jesus Christ. I try to stay full of the Holy Spirit who came to live inside me when I trusted in Jesus Christ as my Savior.

I believe my years in teaching taught me to be steadfast in my beliefs. It made me become punctual, and work oriented, when I continued to teach children who were behind in their studies. I prayed for wisdom daily, and the Lord was often noticeable there for me.

The Lord stood with me when an angry, woman came into the classroom at the end of the day. She demanded to have her grand-daughter right then. I knew she was angry, because she had a cane, and she was waving it as she spoke. The class was quiet, and they were not late leaving the room. When this happens, the Lord is with me. I go home, and forgive them until I have. If it continues to bother me, I go see the person and address the issue. Even then, at times I don’t say, “I came to tell you to stop arguing.”

When I lose the day with someone, then I go home, and bring their name to the Lord. We talk about the person, until I am through. The Lord requires me to forgive them, so I finally do. It is hard to forgive, but I find that Jesus helps me forgive. Forgive, and drop it. That is the hard part. I do.





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