Today is Friday all Day.

I am resting today, and tomorrow. There is meaning in the word rest. To me part of resting is reading the Bible, and getting a word for the day. I have been trying to finish the Old Testament. My hobby is reading through the whole Bible. This is my 9th time, and as I progress, I find myself slowing down with the reading. I read until I have found some verses that are meaningful. At times I get off the reading page, and find a passage that I have read during the 9th round. This is how I found Proverbs 31 again.

I believe the passage about having the teaching  of kindness on my tongue is what struck me all day yesterday. May God continue to teach me about His ways, and may I have kindness on my tongue. I can’t have the kindness if I am bitter, and angry with someone. I have to forgive, whether I see that person again.

Spiritual goals are fine.  It may take a year, and a half to finish reading the Old Testament. I have the first 10 books of the Old Testament to finish. I have finished all the New Testament. My point is that I will continue to read the Word, no matter what. It soaks my soul, and I need to change with the rains of the Holy Spirit. I don’t plan to write long, but today is awesome.


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