Supper is Simple.

Butternut squash is easy to prepare after you peel it. The pealing is hard, because the skin is so tough. We managed, and we steamed it in Isaac’s steamer. This is so good, and good for you. The meat of this squash is orange, but it is tender, and easy to eat.

We fixed breaded pork chops that Isaac marinated. They were tender, and wonderful. I’m sure we had other things to eat, but I majored in these two things. We were ready with the meal in an hour. It took 15 minutes to get the squash ready to cook. Smile.

I have flowers growing in big buckets now. I put soil in them, and planted my Geraniums there. This worked, and they like a bigger pot to live in. Isaac will plant his seeds tomorrow. He has some butternut squash seeds to plant. They may come in late, but we will have something to eat.


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