Mercy Me.

I went outside on the patio, and found that my flowers are still blooming after transplanting them. I like to buy Geraniums for the summer. I buy them in the Spring, and they last until the cold weather gets here. Last year I brought one of the plants inside. I knew I would have to be careful, but I kept it in a warm place, and the plant has survived the Winter, and is now outside blooming some more.

I draw flowers many times when I am painting. I also love to paint water scenes, and I like to focus close on the bubbly water. I was raised in several states because my parents were in the ministry. Dad left the church he pastored within four years. So by the time I was college age, he had moved us several times to different churches.

I believe in the mercy of the Lord. I believe He has compassion, and mercy on us. I also believe that praying for people will cause them to repent, and turn from their wicked ways. I believe we are in a spiritual, battle. The weapons we use in prayer are spiritually powerful to break down strongholds. The Word of God, and the prayers make a stronger defense against the devil.

I believe His mercy is on us when we find Him. I believe it is His mercy that is shown when we come to Christ. How did you find Him? I believe when people pray, God hears. Those who come to Christ have been prayed for by someone. My grandfather prayed for us to come to Christ. I am sure my parents prayed also. My sister came first, and then I responded. I believe God’s mercy was on me. Ephesians 2:8-9 are still my favorite verses.


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