I Haven’t Pursued Other Means of Peace.


I used to be nervous, and I couldn’t speak well when called on to speak in class. I could reply to someone sitting by me, but at times shyness overcame me. Then I prayed about this. My father told me he had the same problem until he talked with God about it. Shyness was inherited from my father.

So I prayed about it. A quiet spirit is valuable to God. He can get a word in edgewise. I didn’t want to lose the relationship I had with Him because it was close. I did need help when I would speak to people.

God began to give me opportunities to share my faith, and as I worked on this, God changed me from shy to not shy. At times people have trouble keeping me quiet. Other times I remain quiet, because I want to think on my own.

I don’t believe it is harmful to be quiet, peaceful, and to read the Bible. I find much happiness in reading daily until I find something significant on its pages. I read daily, because I feel that God wants to talk to me all day. If I surrender to Him daily, then I have a chance to think about Him all day. It isn’t becoming religious. It is experiencing His Presence as I work around the house, and go places.

I pray before leaving the house, and often I have already read the Word for the day. At times I am led to get my Bible out two, times in the day. At times I might read more. I believe reading it changes me on the inside.

If we walk in His light, as He is light, we have fellowship with Him, and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all out sins. Bible.



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