Have You Noticed?

Some of the blogs written today have been long. They are really too, long, but I had plenty to say. I didn’t cut any words to say what was there. If it is too, long for you, then skip it until another day. I have plenty of shorter posts, but it is my prerogative to write as long as it is needed. I do read over the long ones. I try to erase anything that is redundant.

I believe in writing clearly, but the posts today have been directed to talk about wounds, and sore places in our spirit. We meet people who are not going to get along with us. Words hurt. What do you do? Well this is the spiritual side of things. I had to write clearly as I could, because hurts happen, and we have pity parties instead of asking God to deal with us.

If you are a Christian, then allow God to minister to you. If you aren’t a Christian, then I hope that you will give your life to Christ. Some of us have to work on the old-self because it tries to rise up, and sit on the throne of our heart. We need the Holy Spirit’s wisdom when dealing with the hurts. I hope the former articles today have given some help to someone. I work with forgiving, because that is what Jesus wants me to do. Forgive them like He did.


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