Today is Thursday.

I’ll be resting and taking it easy today. I fixed marinated pork chops last night. They were thick. This worked with baked beans, broccoli strata casserole, baked Idaho potatoes,and brownies with ice cream for dessert. We also had fruit salad brought by T and D. They bring something every time. We had squash brought by J. who has a garden. Thank you T. D. and J.

The squash was tender, and delicious. I could eat anything yesterday, so I had dessert. Today I am off sweets, and bread. I had cereal for breakfast, and no, eggs. Cereal had 4 grams of protein because I had two, bowls. Isaac cooked omelets. I didn’t eat one.

I hope you had a good day, all day, yesterday. Remember, God sees everything. Give your heart to Him, and walk with Him consistently every day.


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