Forgiveness Can Be Hard To Do.

We are expected to forgive people. At times it is hard to forgive, but the Lord requires it. So I work out the forgiveness.

How do you get over the scars, and bruises in the spirit? You can’t see them, but they are in your spirit. Wounded, places are hard places in your spirit from a result of going through difficult times. The places can’t be seen with the physical eye, but with spiritual eyes, you can see them.

I chose to forgive, when someone pointed out that I must. I wept buckets, because I had been hurt, spiritually.  The woman of God dealt with me. She saw the bruises in the spirit.  and told she told me to forgive, and she prayed with me over the phone. This was a moment of intercession for me that I will never forget. I choose to forgive those who have been harsh, and mean. It takes time, but there is a choice really for all of us. We walk the walk, and we watch how we say things to others.

She challenged me to forgive, and I did.  She prayed over all those scars, and bruises in my spirit. You see, Christians are to speak the truth with love, and with gentleness. Anger can be there, but your anger should not stay . When you are beaten up spiritually, you must deal with the situation between you, and God. My point is God needs to minister to you until you can forgive. It isn’t easy, but God gives us grace.

When you forgive, then God deals with the other person who was mean, contentious, and pointed. I wish I could say that ministry is always a blessing, and that people are full of the Lord all the time. I see self-righteousness, and meanness, and I wonder if the person is truly His child. Where has repentance gone in the church?

Ask God what is in the way between you, and the person. You are His sheep. Talk to Him about the problem, and then leave it in His hands. I guarantee you will rest peacefully when you surrender the problem to Him.

Surrender all the grief  to Him. He knows how to handle His children. Begin to praise Him, and let go of the problem that has made you chew on it all night, and part of the day. It must be given to God, so give it to Him, and let go!


2 thoughts on “Forgiveness Can Be Hard To Do.

  1. Powerful post! I know this comes from experiences that only a pastor and his wife can understand. My first pastorate was painful to say the least. The road to forgiveness was longer than I wished it to be, but our God is a Healer of the broken heart and can bring us to places where we cannot go alone.

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    1. If you don’t forgive, you can’t move forward. God saw the whole situation, and He sees it without the sinful nature that we have. God is holy, just, and fair. I believe many have left due to other Christians biting and devouring them. I believe if we question if they know Christ there is a good reason. Many have asked me, and I said yes. I was young when I started working with Christians. Some thought I was too young, but I made the choice to tough it out with them. I knew God, and Jesus Christ was, and is my Savior. You see, when you are always around Christians, there are some who aren’t going to be full of the Holy Spirit. The greatest sign is the love which speaks the truth. Speaking with gentleness really helps.I have been a pastor’s wife 47 years, and before that I worked 10 years in Child Evangelism. I believe God calls us out of the world, to work with those who are in it.

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