My Custard Pie Recipe.

Heat 2 3/4 cups of milk in a pan until warm to the touch. In the meantime break 6 eggs, and stir them up. Add 13 serving spoons of sugar, and add a generous amount of nutmeg. When the milk is warm add it to the eggs and sugar mixture. stir. Then pour this into one pie shell that is firmly set in a pie plate. You have to use a fork to go around the rim of the pie plate to imprint the pie dough. It makes it stay put. Pour the custard mixture into the pie plate, and bake at 350 until the dough is light brown, and the custard looks done.

I test it with a fork. If the fork is clean when you poke the pie, it is done. Other signs are that it swells, and that the pie is brownish now. It won’t be totally brown, but parts of it will look done.  Take the pie out, and let it rest on the stove eye, or on a place where you can put hot things. Let it cool, and you can serve this pie warm, or after a while, or the next day after it has been refrigerated.

Comments: To make a richer pie, I often use real milk. This time I used skim milk. Either way works. Enjoy this light pie.


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