What a Day!

We worshipped the Lord Sunday morning, and Ed had us come around the table to hear what he had to say from the Bible. It was closer company, but we had room to write notes down, and I did take notes. The message was good, and convicting at times. Smile. It is supposed to prod your heart, mind,  and spirit when you hear the Word of God.

I made two, apple pies for the Sunday night meeting, but we broke into one of them after church. Isaac also served brownies with ice cream frozen in the middle. I don’t know if I ate any of this. I say this because the day continued. We worked in the kitchen until time to eat Sunday night. We had over twenty people, and that was God’s blessing. I served the rest of the pie, the rest of the brownies and ice cream, and then there were other desserts and food to eat.

The meal was wonderful. We sang, and worshipped the Lord and Ed spoke for a short time. I believe the whole day was blessed. We did not leave for home immediately. I stayed to vacuum, and set things right in the kitchen area. God was with us all day, and I had an afterglow from this.

The only thing we didn’t have on the menu was fried, green, tomatoes. I may make them for Wednesday night. We had lots of help with food. There was plenty, and more than enough. We had a wonderful, family experience with songs of praise, and worship. I believe the Lord was with us, because there were more than two, gathered to praise His name.


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