Supper is Never Simple. My New Recipe for Broccoli is Included Here.

I fix supper at the church for the Wednesday night people who come for the Bible study, and a meal. There is a time period I use to make this meal. It takes about 4 hours, because we shop, and then I cook until I am finished. One other person brings one or two things. One other person brought cornbread, and it was heavenly.

So what did we have? I baked chicken again. It was chicken breasts, and they were marinated. I added a topping, and put them on oiled tinfoil so I could clean the pan easily by taking off the tin foil. It worked. We didn’t have as many people as usual, but we ate like we were suppose to finish the meal off. It was impossible. I ordered too, much chicken.

I fixed my version of broccoli casserole and there is an ingredient in this that made it taste Mexican. It worked. The broccoli casserole was a hit last week, and more ate it this week. We didn’t finish. Ed, and I brought home all the food that wasn’t consumed. We are still eating on it for supper.

Rubies’ Broccoli- a new slant with this casserole.

Enough broccoli for 12. Two bags, or two heads. You will cook the broccoli, and I had mainly the green heads in this bag that I purchased.

Cook the broccoli in a pan of water until tender.

Make a white sauce with flour, salt, pepper, butter, and 2 cups of milk. This takes minutes.

I found a jar of sauce that was appropriate. It was medium hot Mexican sauce. I added this to the cooled white sauce.  Add 2 beaten eggs, and stir. Then when this is thickened, and cooler add shredded cheese, and pour this over the broccoli.

Now the dish in the oven to bake at 350 for about an hour. Watch it. When it is done, the casserole will be bubbly hot. It will have a bright color to it. Take it out, and serve when you serve the rest of the meal. There is nothing in this recipe that is hard. It is a matter of making the white sauce, and adding it to the jar of medium sauce to soften it from being extra hot, to mildly hot. I would have gotten mild if I could have found it.

No one complained about this recipe. I figure it is the first time I have ever made this one. I had plenty to take home. Isaac loved it, and Ed ate it as well.


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