How About Cereal for Breakfast.

cropped-dancing_sunflowers_by_rsc3-d483avx-e1495288155397.jpgI may get hungry earlier, but I am off eggs, and toast. So the result is Cheerios without fruit. I can have raisins, but they are sweet in their natural way. It will be plain, breakfast for three, mornings. I may not eat Sunday morning. The day is busy, and I don’t want to walk around, full of food.

I will draw close to the Lord during this time. He helps me, and we have a good time in study. I am retired. This is part of the plan every day. When I miss, it is because of my stubbornness. The discipline of the Lord is to become consistent in what He wants us to do. Studying the Bible is consistent if you have a plan.

I have a sheet of paper that has all the books of the Bible on it. New Testament on one side..Old Testament on the other side. I can check the book, and the chapter off as I read it. I finished 1 Kings yesterday. I dive into the Word, when I go off something I have been eating. I have more time, not less.

It takes minutes to consume Cheerios.


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