Well, I got in the Yard Today.

I will slow down for the rest of the day. I got into the yard, and gathered the grass around the edge of my garden. I gathered it because it needed to go somewhere. It was cut, and it made the yard look sloppy around it. So I picked it up and put it where the ivy garden is, and it didn’t hurt, because no one bothers the ivy. It just grows. Eventually the grass will rot, and decompose, and add fertilizer.

That is my opinion. Smile. I believe I was out there for a reason, but the bugs are bad. I had to change clothes from all this and clean up. I feel refreshed, and I hope the bugs didn’t bite my legs. Every year they do, and I go through an itching time. It is early in the season, and this is the first that I have stayed out to work in the yard. It is so dry, and I watered the Geraniums, and the other plants. I believe in having a well worked soil around the flower garden.

Roses for Mom, Mother’s Day 2015

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