The Outside Counts.

People look on the outward appearance, and it is a good thing to do all you can to preserve yourself. I have always been 10 years younger to people. When I was a teen, friends would say, “Wait until you get older. You will love this.”

I waited, and now I am older. I still look younger than my age. I act my age, and I am hobbling some now, due to aches and pains. The outward appearance counts, and I try to present this body with cleanness, and simplicity. I believe a good haircut, and new shoes does much for looks. I try to find clothes that say it loud. I am an artist at heart, and if I can find apparel that is artsy I love it.

I have paints that have soul writing on them. I adore them. I think they are wonderful for wearing, and feeling good about me. The three comments are repeated all over these black and white pants. I do get comments on them. I don’t buy clothes very often, but when I buy with plenty of money, I try to find something different. I find it, and yes I wear it well. It is the outside covering that counts.


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