I’m Home.

Supper last night turned out fine. I worked on it for sometime. We had a small group because of so many out. I believe you can grow a church when people come. When they stay home, they are saying something. I guess there is plenty of tiredness going around. Others get distracted, and down about the size of the crowds.

For me, a crowd on Wednesday night might be 17 people. Last night we had 8 lovely, people, and we ate, and ate. I know people are going to want to stay out, but Wednesday is the middle of the week, and it is when we eat together, and study the Word. I fixed fried okra, apples, marinated chicken breasts, slaw, and Isaac brought brownies with ice cream. It was a good meal topped with fruit that Doris, and Tony brought. We ate until we couldn’t eat any more. Then we studied well. I believe it was one of Ed’s best studies.

If you didn’t come, we missed you. We will see you when we see you. Ed, and Isaac packed up the car, and I have left overs to last three days. Isaac will help Ed with a newsletter this week. If you have been sick, I hope you get well. If you needed to rest, I hope it worked for you. We all do what we want to do, and I never assume that people will stay around for a small crowd. It was nice to eat last night after fixing the meal all afternoon. We missed those who didn’t come.


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