I Love to Paint.

My sister who died was the artist in our family, along with Dad who painted for more than fifty years. His detail and sight were phenomenal. He didn’t have a degree in art, but he knew many things that he taught me.

Water, trees, and mountains are my favorite, subjects, along with flowers, and rocks. I love huge rocks and I used to climb them when I was young. I climbed trees, and getting up in the tree was a hard thing to accomplish. I used a chair, or a ladder to reach the first branch. Then I could kick the chair and have someone take it away. This is why I paint trees!

Jumping down out of the tree was a step in bravery. I have flatter than a flitter flat feet. They are rolling arches flat. You can imagine landing on these feet. It might hurt.


6 thoughts on “I Love to Paint.

  1. Yes, our little sister studied art and did well with it, but she was also had a nursing degree and worked at that most of her adult life. Art was a hobby. She studied and was very creative. Our father was super creative, and it was an amazing joy to watch him think. He knew the technics, too, and studied with other artists.

    Now, I must say I’m jealous when you say our little sister was “the” artist in the family. She wasn’t the only one! Our uncle Dale told me one time, “You have surpassed your father and your sister in your ability and creativity”. Wow! I’ve never forgotten that. What encouragement! Uncle Dale was an artist and really knew his art, as does our Aunt, 2nd Cousin, and other Uncle! It’s a family thing, not just our little sister.

    In our family, we are all 4 different in our God-given talent, how much we have studied, and in the volume of work we have done. I have studied on my own all my life, and enjoy thinking creatively in my studio. I wish you could join me one day!

    Mother had the best gift of all, that of encouragement. Dad wouldn’t have done half the things he did without her encouragement. She pushed our little sister, too. You and I didn’t get into art until after her death in 1996 because she needed to be different from us. The family has the genes, and we inherited them. I believe we have both honored the Lord in using our gifts. Keep painting and drawing, and I will, too! Love you!

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