I haven’t Drawn Yet.

I studied for a while at the den table today. The little table is stacked with Bibles, and books. I chose to spread out in the den where I first found time to study. No one was there to interrupt, and the time when by speedily. I enjoy a good, long, study in the Word. I am a teacher, and some day I will be teaching again. I don’t know how, when, or where, but I know I am studying for a reason. Right now it is for me. I love to study, and the Lord shows me things I need to know, and write down.

When you open the Bible, ask the Holy Spirit who lives in you, to explain the Word to you. It won’t be long and you will find that inspiration is coming as you sit before Him. The Holy Spirit always talks about Jesus Christ, and what he has done for us. So much.


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