Daily Prompt: Sunny

via Daily Prompt: Sunny

Sunny days are wonderful, especially in the mid-morning when it is still cool. I love to go for a walk on a sunny, morning. We go before we eat, and it takes about an hour to go and come back. I am worn to a frazzle by the time I get through with two, miles. One mile out , and then one mile on the way back. We haven’t gone for some time.

I can tell it will be a wonderful day when the sun shines through the shears in the living room. I believe sunny days are wonderful. I got out in the garden, and cut weeds down on the outside perimeter of my circled, garden. The grass can’t be cut close there because I have lined out the garden with red, brick. Ed mowed yesterday while it was sunny. When he finishes, he often goes outside to side in the sun, and sip his water.

You must stay inside when the storms, and rains come. So I am thankful for a bright, sunny day. We have gone to the beach before. Once it rained cats, and dogs for all the time we were there. When we left, the beach became sunny, dry, and pleasant.


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