I Have Pot Pie in the Oven.

Pot pie goes with salad, but we don’t have any. I am sending someone to the store to get what we most need. I am out of JOY so I must have it. I can’t change to another kind of dishwashing detergent.

We have an old, ancient, falling apart dish washer. It still gets the dishes clean. I was out of detergent, so I used a tiny bit of Joy. Well there were suds by the time the dishwasher kept running. It gets really hot, and the JOY responded to the hot. It bubbled up real well. I had maybe a teaspoon of soap in the dishwasher. Talk about clean! I rinsed some of them off again.

My pot pie is simply made. I used a huge dish, so I added two cans of condensed cream of chicken soup, 4 cans of chicken, (I get chicken breast), peas, broccoli that is already cooked, and carrots. I put a half stick of butter over the filling, and put on the other layers. It took 4 pie shells to make the whole pie, and I bundled it up on the ends, and the sides. It is 25 minutes from finishing.

This recipe is comfort food. Really. You can’t eat one serving. It takes more, because this is wonderful pie. I don’t know if I made this up. I don’t remember, but the recipe is sure, and stable. I used to use cans of mixed, vegetables instead of fresh, ones. The fresh vegetables are wonderful!

Seal the pie. Poke holes, and bake at 350 for one, hour. It browns,bubbles, and leaks if you don’t have a deep, dish. I make this in a regular, pie plate for my family some days. It works just as well. You only use two, pie shells, so one box is wonderful. For the pie plate, I would add a cookie sheet under it to catch drippings. When the pie browns, swells, and pants, you know it is done. It can rest while you set the table, and put the salad on. I never have complaints over this recipe. I perfected it, and today I only used half a stick of butter on the top before put the lid one.

I am thinking about having this for supper tomorrow night.


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