You Must Look Deeper. Remarks about Art.

Roses in a Vase.2

I used a cheaper paper to draw my second roses drawing. I picked the roses from my little garden where a Knock Out rose-bush is growing. I don’t hold them in my hand, but I have before. I believe getting a close look at the flower is important. It isn’t the color of the flower as much as the detail of it. The vase I used was dark blue, and sculpted. I hadn’t seen a vase like this, and I frankly like it. I don’t want the vase to take away from the roses. I picked the roses, because I wanted to draw them again. I plan to pick more, and draw these also.

You must look deeper to find what you need to draw in a rose. There it is in its brilliance. Mine is Red, and they are Red Barn Red. So I painted them red. If you paint them red, then there has to be shadow, and other colors that play with the red. What is the color wheel there for, but to use to help. Red is a primary color. Blue goes with it well.

I did add yellow in places. I believe without knowing at the time, I used the color wheel primary colors. I do know what I am doing at times. I draw what I see, like my Dad advised. It takes time to draw what you see, but you do that and you might put in a butterfly, a worm, a bee, and a bug or two. Why? Because life makes people smile. Where there is something living, there is life.


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