Supper on Wednesday is Special.

I am thinking of having pork chops and these will be marinated. Then we will have squash casserole as one of the sides. I believe someone I know has a recipe that is wonderful, and not too much trouble. I love the yellow squash for this kind of casserole.

I am not sure about the desert. Isaac was saying he would try one on us Wednesday. It is Chocolate Oblivion, or something else that his writer has in her cookbook. He reads, and follows this book to the letter, so desert will have taken some time. We swap out. If he spends time for me, then I don’t require time the next day. much. We have visitors at times, and they are welcome. We have about a dozen that we plan for. If there are more, we let them come join in. I believe Wednesday’s is a special time of the week. We get to eat together, pray together, study together, and pray some more. I have those who help me do the part that I can’t get to, like putting the silver out, and helping me taste the tea.

It takes time to make a real meal. I think it takes time to grow a church. In 100 years we will all be in Heaven. So why not come to eat with us, and sit through a most excellent Bible study.




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