It’s Hot Outside.

We had church, talked some, and then went to eat. We ate with friends. The afternoon went fast, and soon it was after lunch. and Isaac and I went home. Our friends are going to a Sandi Patti concert tonight. They knew about it because it is at their church. Ed doesn’t like big, crowds, but this would have been nice to see.

It’s hot outside. I looked at the thermometer. It is over 110 degrees, and that is in the shade. Maybe the thermometer is broken, and this isn’t really so. I took a nap in the cool, and put covers over me. My side has been hurting, so I got off my feet. My neck is hurting also, and that is another thing. I took aspirin at lunch. This helps. My old side pain has almost quit. That is a relief. Now to see the neck stop hurting.


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