Spring Has Been A Wonderful Time For Roses.

My rose-bush is blooming with roses, and I picked several when I needed to fill my vases again. I have a vase in the kitchen at the window. We have a little shelf for the vase to rest on. Then I have one in the back bathroom. Two roses taken from the bush is not enough. I may have three in each vase. Yesterday, I cut more roses, and refreshed the water. I have been doing this all of Spring, and for a long as the roses have been budding, and blooming. I cut the buds too, because they may bloom.

I believe the rose-bush has propagated more with my cutting the roses. It is about 15 a time, and this gives some to look at through my windows. I have a picture window in the den, and I can see the roses from there. I have a window with a seal in the kitchen, and I often have a rose in water there. I love the small vases, but I have other sizes. I don’t have that many flowers, but I love to cut what I have.


2 thoughts on “Spring Has Been A Wonderful Time For Roses.

    1. They are not far from the house, in a rose garden Ed made for me. These are Knock Out Roses, and they produce more when I cut the blossoms off the bush. I am having a wonderful time with the roses. I will be putting some sketches of them on the website. Smile.

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