I Knelt before the Lord.

Our power was out, and the house was dark. The daylight was still there, so we had some light, but the day was fast passing, and we would be in darkness if the power didn’t come on. The power company came to our site, and worked on the power to our house. It took some time to get it back on.

During the power outage, I was led to kneel and pray. My prayer was thanksgiving to God, even for the power outage. I surrendered to Him, and blessed His name.

When we confess that Jesus is Lord to the Glory of God the Father, and that Jesus came in the flesh, that is powerful. He is the Savior, who died for you and me.  I personalized the relationship with Him when I gave Him my life, forever. I believe this is a time when you surrender from head to toe, and give yourself to Him forever. It almost made the house light when I got up from praying with the power out. I believe it came on within a half hour after this.

What we do in secret will be revealed. I believe our reaction to things is important. Keep close to God so there is no power shortage between you, and Him. Read, pray, and speak to Him about you, and about His Presence always being there with you. He never lets us down. You can depend on God to help you.


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