I have talked about Discipline

Discipline is getting out of bed, washing my face quickly, and heading for the living room to read the Word, and study it. It is discipline, because I could be sleeping, but I have a calling every morning, to abide in the Word for a while. It takes time, but I find something and write it down in my journal which is actually a book with empty pages until I fill them. I keep this and my Bible together in a carrying case. I find that reading daily keeps me from going into depression, and keeps me full of the Lord’s Presence. I need his Presence, because I struggle with people, places, and things. When I spend time like this before the Lord, I know He is there to comfort, and to help me learn about His ways which are higher than mine.

If you struggle with depression, then find a notebook, and your Bible, and open it to the Psalms. Read them until you tire. Then take notes on them. David found the Lord in some of his despondency. He found His comfort, and today I was reading how the Lord was so close that he warned him about going somewhere that the enemy was hiding. He was told many secrets because David’s trust was in the Lord His God. Our trust should be in the our God.

Our God is a rock to go to. In the passage I read, David went to a Rock and stayed there. When the enemy came, He was hidden in the Rock. God is our Rock, and when we put our trust in Him, He helps us hide in Him..our Rock!


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