When you Pray, Speak the Truth.

I take time to pray, because it is my way to communicate with God Almighty. Speak the truth when you pray. Tell Him your whole heart, because He sees it. He knows when you are oppressed. I believe we speak to the Lord, and tell Him what has gone on. Then we plead the blood of Jesus over us, and ask for protection from the onslaughts of the enemy. It works when two, agree in prayer like this.

When you are irritable with someone, go apologize. It will set things in order. Otherwise you ruined someone’s day for them. We don’t say apologies enough. I believe we should humble ourselves before the Lord, and confess our own sins. Let the Holy Spirit wash over you, and fill you up with His Presence.

I believe your knees belong to Jesus, first. Bow to Him, and see what happens. He will see you confessing His name, and He will confess your name before your Heavenly Father.  Open your heart, and spill out what the problem is, and how you need Him to help you. God comes close when we come to Him, humbly, and speak the Truth to Him.


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