When You Pray. 3

I believe religion is one thing, and a relationship with Jesus Christ is another thing. I believe when we give our life to Christ, we need to walk it, whether we say anything about Him or not. People watch how we react to them. They see that we get flustered with their anger. I believe we are not to be a rug for everyone to wipe their feet. God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but love, power, and a sound,mind.

I believe if you will read the Bible daily, you will soon have a habit, because it is necessary to read daily. How much should you read? I keep a check off page with me, and I check the chapter off when I have read it. This way eventually I will read through the Bible.

I believe having organization in your study is a must. Get a small satchel to carry your Bible, and a notebook, with a pad of paper in it. This helps me when I sit to study. The pad is for writing down the verse for the day that stayed with me. God speaks, but planting the Word is a must for Christians. We go from negative, to positive when we read enough of the Word. Then bow your knees before Him. Do it in the bathroom with the door shut, or somewhere in the privacy of you and God. I believe this is the moment when you give your day to Him, and it should be a special time, between you and God in Jesus name.


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