I Go to Get My Pacemaker Checked.

Because of things I can’t control, we were late for our appointment. The receptionist said we would have to reschedule. We felt like saying, “Let us come in 3 months. ”

I have to go to this same doctor tomorrow, and there will be some tension now about coming on time. If she pulls this again, I will call the place, and complain. Traffic made us late this last time, although we didn’t get in the car soon enough. It takes a good twenty minutes to get down town. I do believe I am antsy now, but I will have to hold my words. I don’t want to miss this session. It is important to have the pacemaker checked. It is still newer, and I don’t think there is a problem. I can’t do some things because of it.

Being in the direct sun is a no for me because of the pacemaker. I don’t swim either. I won’t be sunning this year. On the first, pacemaker, I did some things that tripped the pacer to lose a wire. I had to be put to sleep, and the doctor put in a new wire. Well, I was glad to finally trade the pace maker for a new one. I feel fine, but they check it every three months. This one will last another six years. If I had to recommend the pace maker I would. Don’t be afraid of having one. It regulates your heart to an even beat. You don’t feel weak, but you do respond to good food. We try to eat three, good, meals a day.


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