Let’s Talk About Flowers.

The flowers in my garden are up and coming forth. I have one nice bush that has flowers on it. It is a rose-bush. I love flowers.

I believe all of us are like flowers. We proceed to blossom when we find what we are to do in life. It doesn’t take much more than water, soil, and sunshine for flowers to begin their journey of blooming. I love to see flowers in my garden blooming all summer. I have this plant that is my favorite. There is no coaxing it to blossom. It is red, and it blooms most of the summer. Snip the old blooms, and more come.

Geraniums are my favorite flowers. They can be bought at Lowes for a low price. I usually get several baskets, and then I hang them on a hook, or set them on my flower table which is outside. The table is bright red. Then the flowers are a deep, rich red. They may bloom all summer, especially if it rains, and then becomes hot, and sunny.


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