I like to Be on Time, and Other Thoughts.

I will leave thirty minutes early to make it to an appointment on time. At times I don’t drive and this is one of those days. I can’t drive when my side is acting up. I don’t know what this is, but I do take aspirin for the pain. Well, the pain is still there at 8:55 P. M. I have a schedule. I have until eleven o’clock to get to bed. I can go early, but this is the latest time to go to bed. Well, I have been making it.

Today I didn’t get three meals. We absolutely didn’t have lunch. I went with Ed to the church, and we talked to several people. I played the piano for a while, because I can do this if we run short of Isaac. Well, I took 2 hours playing scales, and catching up.

I had sign pain by the time the two hours was just ending. I just ate. Supper was late. I have side pain, and had a little before supper. I never know when it will happen.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, and I hope I can make the meal without pain. We are having chicken that has been marinated. It will have am light, dressing on it.

I thought I might make it to the reunion for my Mother’s family. I won’t if I don’t see about my side. I have put it off. I will call early in the morning. Maybe I can see the doctor before going to take care of supper. They will have to fit me into their schedule that is already made.


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