I Cook Today.


Supper is special tonight. We have a birthday to celebrate. There will be cake for dessert, and I know you will love. it. I plan to make coconut cake with the special filling that my sister shared with me. I can make it.

We are having marinated chicken breasts, and broccoli, with cooked apples for the rest of the meal. I haven’t put potatoes on the menu. Ed has reminded me that this is the plan. Next week, I will have sweet potatoes as a choice. I hope you like them. They are the potato to eat if you are a heart patient. All of us will be patient, but all of us won’t be heart patients……especially if we eat right, exercise, and stay away from many sweets. They should be special.

The chicken is marinated now. It will be tender, and breaded with a light coating. I can’t go back to the store, so I am hoping all of you will come. I know of one person who can’t come because of company. Will you invite someone to take that person’s place? I plan to fix a meal for the celebration of a birthday. It will be good, because we pray about this meal every week…..way before it is bought or fixed. When you pray over the meal, and what to serve, it is giving God a chance to come through for you. There may be a sale on the meat, or something on the list. I make the cake from the box, but it is not always easy to make it turn out right. Patience  is a virtue. I will not pray for patience.


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