Music Lessons Were Discipline for Me.

I needed to learn to play the piano. Music runs in my family, and I began lessons in the 4th grade. I continued for some time, and no, I wasn’t the most talented of the girls. My others sisters had natural talent that led them to not go for lessons. They both played freely, and with ease.

My plight was that I was self-conscious in front of a group of students, or with my teacher. She had her hands full, but Miss Hunter taught me most of what I know. We practiced chord, scales, and in the yellow book of exercises for the fingers. She had me cite read every time I came, and if we hit a snag, then we dealt with it for the rest of the lesson. Sight reading became a strength.

So if I wasn’t that good, why did I continue? Why do I think piano was so valuable. I used a part of my brain that needs exercise. Playing the piano the way I was taught was sheer discipline. I didn’t go to another new piece, or another scale until I could do them well. I struggled. I believe I benefitted from the exercises, and discipline of practicing daily. Yes, order is what the Lord loves. It helped me find order in my life when I began learning piano. Practice made the lesson go better. I practiced at least an hour daily, and sometimes more. I believe it gives you better learning capacity when you find an instrument to play.

When I play now, my hands don’t sweat, and I don’t have an audience. I enjoy sitting down to play. I value all that my teacher taught me. She had a gift with music, and she was the discipline for me when I practiced for the lesson. I knew she would be happy if she could tell I had been practicing. I practiced at home, or at the church.

It took time, but it was well worth the effort. Puzzles, piano, art, and exercise help the brain.


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