I have two, Geraniums at the Church.

We are in the middle of Spring, and soon summer will be here. I love the warmer weather. I can’t get out to sunbathe in the sun. My heart won’t allow this. I have a pacemaker. So I am adjusting. When the sun is down in the sky, it is cooler, and I can go plant in my little garden. We have taken the rose buds off the big bush in my little garden. Well, it is loading up with fresh roses since I took the other ones. This must be the secret of getting the roses to bloom more. I have two jars of roses in water, and the bush thinks it needs to make up for lost time. It has. It is packed with new roses!

I love Geraniums, and roses. I believe they are some of my favorite flowers. I absolutely love Daisies, but they are hard to grow. Maybe they will come up if I pray about them. Smile.


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